BC&T offers customized workshops that fit your organizational needs. Our team will devise training programs that are responsive to the actual demands in your business environment, bringing them to your location to minimize work disruption and adhere to your timetable.
Effective Leadership
Motivating a team is an intricate process fueling individual team members by giving them an understanding of your goals, their value to the organization, and the significance of aligning with your mission and vision. Effective Leadership Workshop will equip your current and aspiring leaders with the knowledge to effectively lead people towards accomplishing your desired goals.​​
Managing Your Priorities
This workshop provides an insight into delivering the expectations by carefully discerning the level of importance of each task. We utilize classic and up to date time management techniques for better appreciation and more effective results.​
Career Development 
This workshop highlights the potential for growth within your organization. We help your employees by identifying their core competencies and by utilizing them to their best advantage, delivering outstanding performance geared towards a clearly defined career path.​
Team Building 
This workshop teaches essential skills that synergize talents and skills within the team. Team dynamics, leadership, collaboration, and conflict resolution are thoroughly covered.​
Diversity Management
This workshop promotes an appreciation of the inherent workplace environment, recognizing diverse issues and the role they place to becoming an effective organization. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, prevention of sexual harassment, discrimination, and workplace inclusion issues.
Ethics and Compliance
This workshop promotes understanding and adherence to the organization's Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest, and other relevant compliance issues.
Customer Service and Behaviors
This workshop equips your employees with a deep understanding of exceptional customer service, and the value that satisfied customers bring to the business. Topics include, but are not limited to, anticipating customers' needs, handling difficult customers, and the elements of customer satisfaction.
Consulting Services
BC&T also provides expert consulting services in talent development, human resources best practices, succession planning and solutions, diversity mentoring, business support services, and labor relations strategies.